Sarah Lynne John is a collector of life experiences. A few items in her collection include:

  • sky-diving over Hawaii,
  • sampling escargot in Paris,
  • cliff jumping in Utah,
  • paragliding over the Alps,
  • and even eating fruitcake in Siberia.

As you can see, many of her adventures involve heights and food. When she can’t travel to a new thrilling adventure, she does so vicariously through her characters on the page.

Along with a rush of adrenaline, her work often explores science, the beauty of the natural world, and family relationships.

Before turning to writing fiction full-time, Sarah’s many careers involved planning weddings, writing news stories, producing technical videos, designing print and digital media, shooting tourism photography, lobbying state legislators for film incentives, planning swanky events, and schmoozing film and commercial executives.