Quarantine Update

A month has zipped by since I last posted, and while many in my writer circles have suffered creative blocks due to the stress around us, I have managed to dig in, simultaneously attacking 3 different projects. I may be the only one in the world right now wishing for more hours each day! The best part is that I hope to have an announcement about one of them very soon!

Here in Michigan, we are in one of the worst areas for COVID-19, with the peak on April 3rd almost reaching 2,000 new cases in 24 hours. We have been trending down since then, with only 576 reported yesterday. In our county alone, overall there have been over 4,000 cases with more than 400 deaths so far.

Watching friends suffer through the disease has been heartbreaking. We have been able to stay in our home and backyard for all, but trips to the grocery store. And even then, we don masks and gloves like most everyone we see now.

My husband has a job that does not translate to remote work, and has had a temporary pay cut while we wait for it to be safe for him to return. This has been a stress and a blessing as it has allowed me to focus on my work while he shares the weight of food preparation and the kids’ online schooling.

The world is on pause. Nobody knows what to expect in the coming weeks and months. Some say even years. We all hope and pray for healing. Meanwhile we adapt and learn and draw closer than we’ve ever been before. With trials come humility, compassion and unity.

One thought on “Quarantine Update

  1. Well done my daughter. Yes, to the things you have been able to do. And yes for including some significant thoughts and understandings of the stress and challenges of others in this epic episode we are found in.


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