1st Submissions to a Publisher!

Just had to pop on here and say I did it! After receiving feedback from my awesome new mentor, Stephanie Bearce, I polished up my two middle-grade non-fiction book proposals. Then, even though it was scary pushing the send button, I sent them off to a publisher just a few minutes ago!

The publishing industry is really slow, and I know it could be 5 or 6 months before I hear if they are interested, and I know it is very unlikely to get a publishing deal on your very first submission (most authors collect rejections like they’re going out of style–they’re badges of honor, really, for putting themselves out there), but still I can’t help feel a slightly disturbing, but delicious bubble of hope in my gut.

And something else…pride, I guess. I’m really proud of these books, and I hope someday I get to share them with more readers than just my kids.

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