A Meadow of Wild & Beautiful Ideas

It’s that time of year again–Storystorm time! I love brainstorming new writing ideas, and Tara Lazar’s event makes it easy with its daily inspiration. There’s something so refreshing about a good brain dump, plus there’s prizes! Jump over to this post to read about when I first discovered Storystorm.

Today, my 9-year-old son snuggled up to me, wanting to know what I was working on. I read him my Storystorm ideas, and he promptly shared his own ideas to add to the list. My 12-year-old overheard us and wanted to add an idea as well, only it was too complicated to tell me, so he took my laptop and typed up a couple of paragraphs, outlining a super cool underwater fantasy world.

And that’s what I love most about creativity–it’s contagious! As soon as we open our minds to new ideas, they’re everywhere. Many people are eager to share “bestselling” book ideas with authors, but what they don’t realize is that that’s the easy part. Most creatives are absolutely inundated with their own ideas. It’s the careful selection, cultivation, and follow-through that’s the tricky part.

But January is the perfect time to set aside the hard finishing parts of writing for a few minutes each day and frolic among my own wild and beautiful ideas. I’ve got the whole year ahead of me, and brand-new, shiny resolutions to get me there. Here’s to 2023!

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